Class Hoppers Thurs 1130am


Ken Yee


12:00am Starting 11/30/2018 Novi LK Winter 2019
Soccer, Indoor, C - Youth Recreational, Coed
All Ages
Sessions 13
Hoppers classes build fundamental social, cognitive ,and physical skills in three and four-year-olds. As in all Lil’ Kickers classes, Hoppers meets the child where they are developmentally which means this class is fun, fast-paced, and taps into the child’s imagination. We use highly creative games to capture their attention so they can develop overall coordination, balance, and strength and build teamwork, cooperation, listening, and of course, soccer skills. Each week Hoppers classes will work on a specific area of focus. What parents will see is the development of a budding soccer player. What the children will gain are essential life skills that translate into a high self-esteem, becoming team players, school readiness, and strong physical capabilities. Children who are ready to be on the field without a parent, thrive in this class. If a child who has recently turned three is uncomfortable being on the field without his or her parent, a Cottontails’ class may better suit their needs. This will allow them to develop a stronger sense of independence. Children who are four and have had other experience in class settings may be further along in their development, so a Jackrabbits or Micro 4/5 class may be more appropriate.


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