Camp Summer Camp 2020 (St. Charles)


09:00am Starting 05/18/2020 Summer Camp (St. Charles) 2020
Soccer, Indoor, C - Youth Recreational, Coed
All Ages
Sessions 2
Early Bird Registration Prior to April 15th:
Camp is $170 per week. 
-Camp daily rate if not registering for full week is $50/day 

Discounts Available:
-Buy 4 weeks of camp, get a 5th week FREE! *Weeks do not need to be consecutive.

All days below are open for registration except for Saturdays and Sundays. If you see a full for any day, then that only applies to that day(ie. Saturdays)!


Louis Montgomery to be placed with Noah and Nathan Bennett
By bweber On 06/17/2020 10:46am
Darren Herbst to be placed with his friend Imran Kameric
By bweber On 06/15/2020 01:34pm
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