Class Skills Institute (7-8)Level 1 Fri 4:00pm I-Closed


04:00pm Starting 09/04/2020 Skills Institute - Fall (Sept-Dec) 2020
Soccer, Indoor, B - Youth Intermediate, Coed
Ages U-9 (under 9 years old)
Sessions 12
Skills Institute (7-8 years) Level 1 is the introductory level for boys and girls 7-8 years of age. Each session focuses on a particular skill or topic which is reinforced through isolated activities, small group games and a full team scrimmage. This class is ideal for beginning or experienced players looking to develop soccer specific skills. Players new to organized sports may be more comfortable joining a Micro 6/7 class. Players seeking to join the Level 2 class must first try out in a Level 1 class.


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