Water Fitness Classes Water Fit with Mary - M/W/Fr - 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM


08:30am Starting 09/01/2020 Individual Water Fit Training - September 2020
Fitness, NA, Coed
All Ages
Sessions 13
About Your Instructor:

<p>Mary is passionate about fitness for a lifetime! An athlete herself, she has been in the fitness industry over 30 years after leaving the nursing field due to cancer. Her fitness career began as an AEA certified Water Fitness Professional teaching a variety of class styles and mentoring aspiring instructors. She has been the Waterfit Coordinator for our facility since opening, both teaching and developing new class formats.</p> <p>Mary values current science-based education and serving adults of all ages, so has gained Certifications in the following disciplines: Yoga, Physiology for Athletes, Personal Training, Functional Training, Applied Functional Science and Pain Free Movement Specialist Levels 1&2. She looks forward to helping you feel your best!</p>


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