Camp PSA1-7/09-7/13-BasketballCamp-1-4pm


01:00pm Starting 07/09/2018 PSA Plano-July-Summer Camps 2018
Camps-Basketball, Recreational, Coed
All Ages
Sessions 4
This camp is for players who are on B and C level Recreational teams, and beginners that need to work on their game. These half day camps are led by some of the best school and club coaches in the area. Our structured program is designed to build each player up every day in the most important individual skills which are shooting, rebounding, dribbling, passing and defensive positioning. In addition to the individual skills, the camp will teach basic team drills that will enable each camper to understand better how he or she can make a difference on their team. Every day we will finish with some sort of game competition that fits the age and skill level. The players will be divided up based on age first, but then we will evaluate if their skill fits that age and if it doesn’t, we will move them to a group where they will have the best chance to have a successful and fun camp. We will provide a snack and reversible jersey which is included in the fee. Campers do not need to bring a ball. Make it a full day with a ½ Day FlexiPass Add On. Please make note on where the camp is held as we will use PSA 1, PSA McKinney and Murphy. Also, we do offer different times during the summer, so please check if it is a morning or afternoon session.


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