Camp PSA1-7/09-7/13-MartialArtsBasicCamp-8:30-11:30am


08:30am Starting 07/09/2018 PSA Plano-July-Summer Camps 2018
Camps-Martial Arts, Recreational, Coed
All Ages
Sessions 4
PSA Martial Arts is proud to offer our 43 Years of Experience Teaching Children. Campers can expect Improvements in Coordination, Physical Fitness, Focus, and Discipline. The Martial Arts Instruction also offers valuable Self-Defense Skills and Increased Self-Confidence. Campers will participate in the same class curriculum as a full time PSA Martial Arts student, allowing them to continue their martial arts training once the summer is over. Basic Martial Arts Camp- No experience required. Going over the basic moves of Martial Arts. A great introduction if the camper is not sure about the sport, or just wants to try it out. Lots of fun activities.MA Belt Camp- In our Martial Art Belt Camps kids learn firsthand how focused effort pays off! They will advance through our Tae Kwon Do curriculum including belt test promotions while developing skills, increasing their level of fitness, making new friends, and having fun. Belt Camp participants are eligible for a special belt test the last day of camp. Weapons Camp- This camp will allow participants to experience a variety of Martial Arts weapons in an age appropriate setting of safety and fun. Students will have the opportunity to work with Bo staff & Nunchakus with a camp instructor. Students not only learn how to properly use each weapon (all weapons are padded), but they will also learn about the origin and history of each weapon.


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