Camp PSA2-7/09-7/13-TeamBuilderBasketball-1-4pm


01:00pm Starting 07/09/2018 PSA Plano-July-Summer Camps 2018
Camps-Basketball, Competitive, Coed
All Ages
Sessions 5
This camp is for High B, A or Club/Select type players who want to learn advanced concepts and strategies to help prepare them for school tryouts. You show up and we build the team!
Some of the top High School Coaches in the area will be running this camp along with elite club coaches who work in our excellent School Tryout Prep Program (STPP). This camp is a branch of that highly successful program that we will run as an intense 5 day camp, encompassing 15 hours of high level training. We have a great success rate working with 7th-10th graders helping them make their school teams. This camp will focus on teaching skills related to the position your child will be playing in school. On top of that we will also set them up to be prepared to run actual examples of school offenses that they might come in contact with. The concepts that will be taught will include: fast break drills taught at middle and high schools, multiple defensive sets that include traps in the half court, full and half court pressure defense, motion offense, zone offense, set plays, set inbound plays and last second winning plays. The campers will spend the first hour doing skills work, the second hour working on team concepts and will finish up with at least a 40 minute scrimmage. A new added bonus is we will film one of the scrimmages during the week, and then do a film session the next day so they can see how a coach breaks down a film and reviews with them their play. We will also be able to email you this film to watch with your child. These players will be pushed so they can understand what they will encounter when they try out for their school team. This camp is NOT for beginners or kids who really don’t love the game of basketball. Space is limited so sign up early. We will provide a snack and reversible jersey which is included in the fee. We will only take 32 players into the camp each week so sign up early. Campers do not need to bring a ball.


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