Camp PSA1-7/09-7/13-PokemonProgramming-8:30-11:30am


08:30am Starting 07/09/2018 PSA Plano-July-Summer Camps 2018
Camps-Enrichment, Recreational, Coed
Ages Youth (under 17 years old)
Sessions 5
Pokemon Programming (6-13) Help Pikachu against Charizard. Bulbosaur to find a ride to a pok├ęstop, and teach Squirtle to play with pok├ęballs. In this Pokemon mission you will learn coding commands to create your own computer games. You will use costume commands, blocks and user interaction routines. Why play the games that everyone has when you can make your own. Brainopolis will enable a laptop per student. Bring your own mouse and flash drive.


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