Camp McKinney-7/09-7/13-LegoMindstorm2-1-4pm


01:00pm Starting 07/09/2018 PSA McKinney-July-Summer-Camps 2018
Camps-Enrichment, Recreational, Coed
All Ages
Sessions 5
Lego Mindstorm Academy 1 Our entry level robotics course is designed for kids to explore and experience the basics of robotics. Using Lego Mindstorms, students will learn how to construct and program robots to perform simple task. We will begin by familiarizing the students with the items that are important to the structure of the robots. Then, we will attach motors and wheels that allow our machine to become mobile. Finally, we will learn how to program our creations to carry out specific functions, such as traveling measured distances and maneuvering. This course lends itself to multiple levels of rigor and can be tailored to fit a wide range of learners. Students work in teams of two or three and gain confidence through hands-on learning. Grades 2nd and up are welcome to join Lego Mindstorm Academy 2 This class is designed for students with an understanding of robotics, or quick learners. There will be a focus on learning to build and program robots to perform specific functions using the Lego Mindstorms NXT software. The sky's the limit for what each young engineer can create. Using sensors, motors, and gears, students can build and program robots to do human-like tasks such as golfing, transporting, baseball, soccer, playing music and processing information. Students could take this course multiple times and still find themselves faced with new challenges. Learners will exercise their critical thinking skills as they problem solve, analyze, and reflect to complete challenges. We will provide a snack each day which is included in your fee. Add a Finish the Day FlexiPass to make it a full day. Please make note we do offer different times during the summer so please check if it is a morning or afternoon session


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